Brendon Chung – Blendo Games

Though you wouldn’t know it by looking at Blendo’s games, the studio has only one full-time developer – it’s founder, Brendon Chung. While most developers stick with one particular specialty, Brendon prefers to do everything. He writes code, makes models, animates, creates levels, and more. He’s happy to learn what he doesn’t know. In fact, he feels motivated by stepping outside of his experience on every project. Brendon is never content to stay in the
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Greg Kasavin – Supergiant Games

After ten years at Gamespot Greg Kasavin left his editor-in-chief position to begin working in game development. He spent a few years in the AAA space before joining a small San Jose indie studio founded by his former colleagues at EA. Their first title, Bastion, was a tremendous success, and allowed Supergiant Games to continue creating unique downloadable titles. Their second game, Transistor, enjoyed similar success when it was released last year. In this interview
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Jordan Weisman – Harebrained Schemes

Jordan Weisman has one of the most eclectic and successful careers of the many developers I’ve interviewed. His work ranges from novels to tabletop games to video games. He’s created some extremely enduring intellectual properties like Shadowrun, Battletech, and Crimson Skies. His current venture, Harebrained Schemes, has found success on kickstarter with three separate projects. Its hard to characterize all of Jordan’s work, as it runs such a large range of mediums and styles. He
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Sean Vanaman – Campo Santo

After completing the first season of Telltale’s critically acclaimed series The Walking Dead, lead writer Sean Vanaman and designer Jake Rodkin left to form their own studio – Campo Santo. For the last 10 months the team at Campo Santo has been hard at work on their first title, a mystery story set in the Wyoming wilderness called Firewatch. In this interview Sean and I discuss the challenges of starting a new studio, the fun
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Warren Spector – Denius-Sams Gaming Academy

In his D.I.C.E. 2013 keynote speech, Warren Spector observed “I have spent thirty years championing a very specific kind of game.” That kind of game is very systemic, encourages player creativity, and respects the power of a human story. Spector has applied this design philosophy to games in many different genres. At Origin Systems he worked on the narrative-heavy space combat series Wing Commander, the Ultima Underworld games, and System Shock. At Looking Glass he
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