MemoryLeak is devoted to a holistic exploration of games through the eyes of their creators. Its goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the game development process through firsthand accounts.

MemoryLeak began as a part-time project where the site’s founder, Rob Carter, published text and audio interviews with game developers in his spare time. Beginning in March 2015 MemoryLeak became a full-time effort. It now produces audio interviews with prominent game developers as a weekly podcast. Rob also keeps a blog on the site.

If you’re a listener and you have questions, criticism, or comments you’d like to share with the owner, please send a message via the contact page.


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How can I help MemoryLeak?

Spread the word! If you like the content MemoryLeak produces, post a link on your favorite forum, throw out a tweet, rate the podcast on iTunes, subscribe to the MemoryLeak twitter account, “Like” the Facebook page, or grab a megaphone and shout about MemoryLeak to strangers on the street. If you have suggestions or comments you want to share about MemoryLeak’s content, please send us an email. Right now MemoryLeak is not accepting monetary donations.



Rob Carter – Owner and Operator

Rob is a software engineer and amateur game developer. When he’s not programming, he likes to be active. Rob enjoys weightlifting, rock climbing, hiking, and cooking.

Kate Nickerson – Visual Design

Some people just have an eye for aesthetic design. Kate also has the technical training to back it up. She’s a multi-talented front end web developer. She created the logo and visual design for this site as well as the MemoryLeak Facebook and Twitter pages. You can see more of her work at her personal website.

Michael Ibrahim – Audio Engineering and SEO

When Michael isn’t programming or marketing websites you can find him creating some fantastic original music. He also somehow found time to launch the Production Trends website – your source for pro audio news.