Jon Mavor – Uber Entertainment

In 1997 Cavedog released the wildly original real-time strategy game Total Annihilation. It was a critical and commercial success that defined a new sub-genre of RTS games which operated on a massive scale. Jon Mavor was a programmer on that project, and a relative newcomer to the industry. Since his time on Total Annihilation Mr. Mavor has worked as a gameplay programmer, engine architect, and designer. After amassing more than 15 years of experience in
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Jean-François Dugas – Eidos Montreal

It’s no easy feat to reboot a classic core franchise like Deus Ex. What makes the original two games so distinctive is difficult to replicate – multi-path level design, a huge variety of options for every challenge, and a vision of the near future that reflects our hopes and fears about what scientific progress may bring. In 2011 Eidos Montreal released Deus Ex: Human Revolution to wide acclaim. It was a game with modern conventions
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Eric Schaefer – Runic

In 1996 Blizzard North released Diablo to critical acclaim and massive success. Diablo’s effect on action role-playing games was tremendous. It became responsible for an entire sub-genre, causing future titles with similar mechanics to be dubbed “Diablo clones.” Its lead designer, Erich Schaefer, went on to create an even more successful sequel as well as several other games which stuck close to the genre he helped pioneer. Most recently Mr. Schaefer co-founded Runic Games and
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Dan Pinchbeck – The Chinese Room

After spending a number of years studying games in an academic setting, Dr. Dan Pinchbeck designed Dear Esther, an unconventional story-driven game, and released it to critical and financial success. Since then, his small development team has expanded drastically and is now working on two larger titles: Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. While Dr. Pinchbeck is known for his experimental titles, he has a deep appreciation for mainstream games
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Brian Mitsoda – DoubleBear

Brian Mitsoda has an extremely strong role-playing game pedigree. He began his career at Interplay in 1999 doing quality assurance work. Five years later he was the head writer on Troika’s classic Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, a title that still receives tremendous praise for its unique role-playing mechanics and mature tone. Following Troika’s collapse, Mr. Mitsoda spent three years at Obsidian Entertainment before leaving to found DoubleBear Productions. Currently Mr. Mitsoda is the creative
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