Brian Fargo – inXile Entertainment

Brian Fargo has done it all. He’s created his own games, designed classic titles, and run a publishing company – Interplay Productions. Now Brian is in a unique place. As the CEO of inXile Entertainment Brian has launched two very successful crowd-funding campaigns and is looking to divorce the company from publishing deals which he feels are often restrictive. Brian and I talk extensively about game publishing, his time as the CEO of Interplay, and the
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Brendon Chung – Blendo Games

Though you wouldn’t know it by looking at Blendo’s games, the studio has only one full-time developer – it’s founder, Brendon Chung. While most developers stick with one particular specialty, Brendon prefers to do everything. He writes code, makes models, animates, creates levels, and more. He’s happy to learn what he doesn’t know. In fact, he feels motivated by stepping outside of his experience on every project. Brendon is never content to stay in the
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Warren Spector – Denius-Sams Gaming Academy

In his D.I.C.E. 2013 keynote speech, Warren Spector observed “I have spent thirty years championing a very specific kind of game.” That kind of game is very systemic, encourages player creativity, and respects the power of a human story. Spector has applied this design philosophy to games in many different genres. At Origin Systems he worked on the narrative-heavy space combat series Wing Commander, the Ultima Underworld games, and System Shock. At Looking Glass he
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Dan McAuliffe – Independent

While the game industry has seen rapid growth in the past decade, the mobile sector in particular has exploded. What was once a niche area of game development has spawned entirely new genres, play styles, and markets. Dan McAuliffe has witnessed those changes firsthand. After working on dedicated mobile gaming devices like the GBA, PSP, and DS, Dan joined Glu Mobile and switched to smartphone development. His most recent position was Head of Studio at
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Chris Avellone – Obsidian Entertainment

Few people understand the confluence of game systems and narrative like Chris Avellone. Since his start at Interplay in 1995 Chris has been instrumental in the development of many influential RPGs. In this interview Chris and I discuss his recent kickstarter projects, the design process at Obsidian, and the challenges of developing modern RPGs.