Soren Johnson – Mohawk Games

Few people understand strategy game design and development like Soren Johnson. After starting in the industry as a programmer on Civilization 3 at Firaxis, Soren went on to lead the design of Civilization 4. Later he left for EA Maxis to work on Spore, and Zynga East to develop a free-to-play strategy game of his own design. Most recently Soren founded Mohawk Games – A small studio composed of industry veterans. Mohawk just recently released their
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Brad Muir

Brad Muir – Double Fine

In the first audio interview for MemoryLeak I speak with the always affable Brad Muir about his 13 year career in the game industry. Brad and I discuss Massive Chalice, Brazen, the challenges of running a crowd-funded project, and Double Fine’s relationship with publishers.


Jon Mavor – Uber Entertainment

In 1997 Cavedog released the wildly original real-time strategy game Total Annihilation. It was a critical and commercial success that defined a new sub-genre of RTS games which operated on a massive scale. Jon Mavor was a programmer on that project, and a relative newcomer to the industry. Since his time on Total Annihilation Mr. Mavor has worked as a gameplay programmer, engine architect, and designer. After amassing more than 15 years of experience in
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