Richard Garriott – Portalarium

In this audio interview Richard Garriott discusses the creation of the first Ultima games, the legacy of Ultima Online, and his recent venture into social games. This interview was originally published on 5/25/2012.


Mike Ambinder – Valve

For the last four years Dr. Mike Ambinder has been using his expertise in experimental psychology to better understand how people interact with the games they play. Dr. Ambinder’s current work focuses on data analysis, hardware research, and developing methods to foster different behaviors in games. He’s also done research on biofeedback and helped expand Valve’s playtesting methodologies. As a result of his pioneering work, players might one day find that games respond to their
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Chris Avellone – Obsidian Entertainment

The Wasteland 2 kickstarter project recently reached an astounding 2.1 million dollars, ensuring that Chris Avellone, the Creative Director of Obsidian Entertainment, will be working on the next installment in the Wasteland franchise. Consequentially, Chris Avellone has been in the press a lot. A lot of well-established sites have been interviewing him. When I first contacted Mr. Avellone about doing an interview with us, I had no website to show him – It wasn’t online
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